About Us

Well Fong Trading Company was established in 1975. We focus on wholesale and trading shoes business in HK for 40 years as a footwear manufacturer.

Well Fong has set up a footwear factory in China. We produce, trade and export products to all over the world. We also have become one of the three canvas shoes distributors in Guangdong Province.

In 1980, we developed footwear mechanical business in China and Taiwan. In 2015, we started wholesale distribution in Hong Kong and the USA (Amazon.com & Retail shops) exclusively for BF Sole (one of popular lady flat shoes brand in Korea).

Our Vision of Well Fong Trading Company:

  • Continuous to provide high quality footwear products in HK and Asian Market from different countries (Worker shoes, chef shoes, sneaker, rain boots, sandals and canvas shoes, etc.);
  • To become the main distributor of BF Sole and be one of the best selling brand in HK;
  • Bringing more sellers to know about high quality, fashion & comfortable shoes at a reasonable price.