BF Sole Background

Background of BF Sole

-       BF SOLE stands for Ballerina Flat Sole, meanings our shoes are comfortable and durable as Ballerina shoes.

-       BF SOLE was established in South Korea since 2007. Their designer team provide 60-80 stylish / trendy shoes every season. They own over 50 retail stores all over South Korea in 2009 as a leading brand of lady flat shoes. Even Korean artists follow BF SOLE as their fashion style icon.

-       In 2011, BF Sole has expanded to China’s Market. As of today, there are over 150 retail stores all over South Korea and China.

BF SOLE –Target Customer

*From Youth to Ladies

* Office Ladies, Wedding, Party, Evening Shoes & Casual

Comfort and High Quality

The sole lining and insole of BF Sole are made with genuine leather. They are breathable with good moisture absorption, deodorant and soften your feet and sole at the same time. The sole is made with extra thick layer (5mm) which is two times tiredness for long term standing.

BF Sole shoes use Patent or Microfiber Polyurethane. BF Sole tested and compared genuine leather with Microfiber Polyurethane. Microfiber Polyurethane are more resistant to scratch and molding hence. It is good for any occasion and weather.