Wholesales and partnership

For business environment of now a days, access to reliable and complete support of business partners is essential and can help you quickly improve your business.

If you are interested in working with us, or join as our wholesaler customers, please feel free to contact us customer director, we have prepared a more favorable cooperation programs.

Contact Us

Business Hotline: +852 2541 0218

E-mail address: customer@wellshoe.com.hk
 (Please indicate wholesaler members, and provide the company name / or address, contact name and contact methods, we will contact you shortly)

About Us and related cooperation provisions

WELLSHOE to become a footwear designed for retail and wholesale e-commerce shopping platform, we provide a number of brands of the Hong Kong agent, our team have 40 years of experience in the footwear industry operating in Hong Kong.

Our team has been adhering to the concept of customer priority, supply the guests and the best quality service and cooperation partners experience, further enhance customer satisfaction and likeability and partners to achieve long-term sustainable development and the win-win goal.

Secure payment platform

Customers can select more than one bank transfer, PayPal and other well-known and reliable online payment platform checkout.


Genuine security

WELLSHOE All brand goods sent directly by the producer, supply stability, allowing partners to better grasp market opportunities, and improve efficiency.


Improve the logistics mechanism

WELLSHOE cooperation with a number of international logistics companies, to provide better international distribution services, can greatly reduce the cost of logistics expenses and partners, please feel free to linking the end for more information.

Join conditions

We accept personal or on behalf of the company to apply to become WELLSHOE wholesale customers, but one of the following conditions must be attached together ︰

1. provided with clothing or footwear-related sites, pages, special pages for with clothing or footwear-related sales activities.

2. has physical stores with clothing or footwear related with clothing or footwear and related sales activities.

To protect the interests of both sides, the applicant must provide relevant information and to ensure that the information is true and correct, we waiter after receipt of the application will be reviewed as soon as possible, usually takes about 1-2 working days will be able to open wholesale license. All you need to re-sign in the site you can see the wholesalers Pages and more information. Wholesale orders each member can enjoy more than the wholesale price discount, please contact us to get more information related benefits.

Other matters on the business to join:

The site promises delivery period is 5-12 days, the principle is the case, but because it is Korea purchasing patterns and commodity circulation speed, do not rule out there will be temporary out of stock caused by individual commodity procurement cycle delay, please note, customer payment after acceptance of this clause, because the delivery delay and other reasons can not request a refund halfway ..

Customers receive the goods, such as the existence of quality merchandise serious problem (in the range of quality goods as described below), be sure to contact WELLSHOE customer service within 48 hours, and sends the goods to the customer the picture quality problems, if indeed belong to commodity quality problem, we will immediately arrange for the customer returned (freight borne by WELLSHOE).

Because of the size measurement of each brand and market products that are generally rare and out of large size, to ensure that the interests of customers, WELLSHOE offers detailed description of the size and control of wholesale customers. Invites customers to learn more about the brand product size, in order to sell.

Business Member sales price can not be substantially lower than the market reference price of commodities WELLSHOE website. Members will need to comply with the wholesale price policy, according to the site of the proposed market reference price sales, in order to avoid all market malicious competition and market confusion.

Goods may be out of stock or out of stock, once this happens, WELLSHOE will promptly inform the stock or commodity out single customer.